All requirements are treated with the same importance and urgency. We will analyze your requirements and critically evaluate the qualified candidates currently available on our database in order to match your criteria exactly. The people we offer will integrate with your own personnel, focus upon their tasks and complete their assignments.Our commitment to satisfying the needs of our clients and our policy of only providing qualified and dedicated personnel, keeps us in the forefront of the highly competitive recruitment industry. Much of our business is gained through referral and repeat assignments. This is evidence of how our custom service will save your company money and valuable time.We are also equally committed to treating our personnel on assignment in a fair and equitable manner and doing our utmost to ensure their safety and well being.

We become an extension of your own permanent employee base. One phone call to Roan allows you to staff projects or departments with no wasted staff time, no expensive and often unproductive advertising campaigns. Once our personnel are on the job, Roan`s sophisticated administrative services will save you the cost of employment – payroll, employee benefits and insurances. Our billing is simple too; you pay only for actual hours worked by the personnel we provide. A total service and only one bill.


Our clients often need technical personnel on short notice. Having the right personnel on the job usually means completing a project on schedule and at a profit. The result is a satisfied client. We update our database of skilled local and international personnel daily. We can instantly match their skills and availability to client needs.


Our management staff possess a broad range of technical capabilities. We bring a detailed understanding to job specifications. We recruit only candidates who meet our client`s exact requirements with no misunderstandings and no time wasted on irrelevant resumes or unproductive interviews.


We believe that our commitment to service is unmatched in our industry. We back our commitment with these resources:

  • A wide selection of skilled, experienced professionals who know their disciplines and complete their assignments 
  • An innovative set of administrative services and support capabilities designed to make it simple to deal with us 
  • The capital and management stability required to provide continuity, both to our clients
    and to the personnel we supply
  • The imagination, flexibility and experience to solve any staffing requirement
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